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The Marriage Plot

What they say about it:

In the spring of her final year, Madeleine Hanna has enrolled in a semiotics course ‘to see what all the fuss is about’. She falls in love with Leonard Morten – charismatic loner and college Darwinist – who introduces her to the ecstasies of immediate experience. Then Mitchell Grammaticus resurfaces, and wants her to be his wife.
What I thought
Eugenides has this amazing knack that whatever he writes about, and however far it is from your own personal experiences, you always feel it could be you.
Once again Eugenides gives his unique take on an age-old story – the coming of age. As proven in The Virgin Suicides and Middlesex, he manages to write a book that is both complex and easy to read.
The book centres around has a central core of philosophy and revolves around love, mental illness and people’s life expectations.
I can’t recommend him enough generally, it’s a really good read.
Ordered through the Libraries consortium.

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